Monday, September 20, 2010

Every night.

Ever since we moved in together, our nightly routine has been pretty standard. I go to bed first because I usually have to work at 7am. Katie stays up a few hours after me working on her school work. When she finally gets sleepy enough to come to bed, I’m already fast asleep. When she gets into our king-sized bed, I’m sure she’s thinking that it would be a shame if she were denied her snuggle time just because I’m already asleep.

So she sneaks into bed and slowly slides across the 15 feet of no man’s land between our sides. She does this silently so as not to wake me up, because otherwise I might turn over and become impossible to snuggle up against.

Once she has reached me, she attaches herself by tying her hands into a knot and using a black belt level rear guard. After many of nights spent trying fruitlessly to escape her clutches, I’ve learned its best to just go with it. Sure, I wake up in a giant pool of sweat. But it’s better than a 3am juijitsu match.

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